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SCRIV Information

Faucet donation address: sPE6HKt2epju5SAX7WLE48SCinmHwFgmjt
Balance: 51.9820906 SCRIV

Q: Help! How do I start this SCRIV wallet crypto thingy!?
A: ANN here.

Q: How many coins can I get and how many times can I drain the pipe?
A: Every 60 minutes you can get 50% of the pipe's balance, with a maximum of 0.2 SCRIV.

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20/09/18 17:54:12sJJX5DWiTC5niUayEMGwmxATPjEu2jmdCe-0.16
20/09/18 16:51:27sJJX5DWiTC5niUayEMGwmxATPjEu2jmdCe-0.16
20/09/18 15:49:08sJJX5DWiTC5niUayEMGwmxATPjEu2jmdCe-0.12
20/09/18 09:36:05sJJX5DWiTC5niUayEMGwmxATPjEu2jmdCe-0.1
20/09/18 07:50:07sJJX5DWiTC5niUayEMGwmxATPjEu2jmdCe-0.16

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